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Ana Tripkovic

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My name’s Ana Tripkovic and I am Serbian. I have been an English teacher for about 15 years. My passion for teaching made me complete a PhD in Methodology of ELT. My students think that I am patient, creative and fun.

However, the diploma I’m really proud of is the one I received from the United
World College of Adriatic, from Italy, where I finished my secondary education with children from more than a hundred countries from all around the world. This experience was priceless. I completed my education in English, but I got the chance to study and practice Italian, Spanish and Russian.

I’m constantly trying to learn more and that’s why I became the youngest teacher trainer in Serbia and spent some time in London learning about how to teach in a multicultural environment. Additionally, I finished a special course at the University of Oregon on Critical Thinking. It is extremely important for teachers to devote themselves to teaching and to understanding their students.

That’s why I keep the words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in my head when I think of good teachers. He said: “A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others”. So, I try my best to be that kind of good teacher.

I love music, particularly rock, jazz and pop. As a daughter of a basketball coach in a country that prides itself with good basketball history I am a true basketball fan. I travelled around Europe, but I would like to be able to travel more. Meeting people from different countries and understanding their customs enriches us and expands our horizons.

There is one more thing that defines me more than anything else
at the moment. I am a mom of two wonderful children, a boy and a girl. Becoming a mother made me change the perception of many things: I started feeling stronger, trying harder and being more confident.

Место рождения:
15 лет
Master in Philology, PhD in ELT Methodology
Музыка, Спорт, Путешествия