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Jelene Sinan

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Hello! My name is Jelene. Welcome to TreeWords! I graduated from University of Houston in the USA with a major in Economics and minor in Organizational Psychology. I worked in the hotel industry for 10 years and have extensive management experience in a convention hotel with more than 1500 rooms and managed up to 70 employees. My specialties include Customer Service, process training, audit compliance, managing high performance teams, forecasting, revenue generation and cost optimization. I have in-depth knowledge of business and professional English having worked in Corporate America in a management role for many years.

Prior to moving to the Philippines I lived in the USA for more than 20 years. Then I moved to Istanbul in Turkey 6 years ago and trained students from young learners to adults to speak Basic, Conversational and Business English. I worked with Turkish, German and American companies. I trained Managers, Executives, Supervisors, Doctors, Lawyers to name a few to speak and understand Business English and to speak with fluency and confidence.

I am a people person. I believe in guiding people achieve their goals. I enjoy listening to music especially jazz, the 80's and classical. I also love watching movies and travelling. I have lived in three different continents and understand fully well the importance of speaking and learning English.

English is still the dominant language of business and communication. Learn it and open the doors to exciting opportunities. Let me help open the doors for you!Lets learn together!

Место рождения:
Соединенные Штаты
6 лет
University of Houston/ U.S.A : Bachelor of Science in Economics minor in Psychology
Музыка, Кино, Путешествия