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Хоуп Мсиска

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My name is Hope Msiska. I am a native English speaker. I was born and raised in the "warm heart of African" in a country called Malawi.

I have been an English teacher for 4 years. This is a job that has brought so much satisfaction. The progress, growth in confidence and joy of the students I work with, is very rewarding.

My education is based on the british system. I hold an IGCSE Cambridge high school certificate and also an A-level Cambridge certificate. My school trips included trips to Denmark, South Africa and Canada.

I moved to Russia 7 years ago, for studying purposes. I completed my bachelors degree in civil engineering in 2020 and completed my masters degree in Highway engineering in 2022. While working as an English teacher part time.

At the moment I have chosen to pursue my passion for teaching and become an English teacher full time. I am truly looking forward to helping people on their journey learning English.

Место рождения:
4 года
International Cambridge General Certificate in English, 2012
Музыка, Кино, Технологии, Спорт, Путешествия, Бизнес