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Jack Hayes

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Hi, I’m Jack Hayes and I would like prospective students to know right away that I’m a little unconventional both personally and professionally. My idea of a relaxing vacation, for example,
is a trip to a disaster area to help clean up and rebuild. In an English class, I’m more likely to discuss Americans’ obsession with McDonald’s hamburgers and bad coffee than to explain how
to use the conditional progressive tense. Not that I won’t discuss grammar. I will, just not all the time.

I’ve been teaching English for many years to students ranging from Mexican farmworkers to professionals from around the world. I am owner and sole instructor for Speak Perfect English,
a business helping non-native English speakers achieve near-native fluency.

My philosophy of second-language acquisition derives primarily from the research of linguist Stephen Krashen. Krashen argues that a second language is acquired naturally in a manner similar to the way we acquired our first language: we were exposed to it for thousands of hours and gradually, as we began to comprehend most of what we heard, we just started speaking.

No grammar lessons, just a few months of listening and, voilà, we were talking a blue streak. We weren’t great conversationalists but we got better.

Similarly, Krashen asserts that, by reading lots of well-written – though not necessarily complicated – English, we learn to write it well, even though we may not know a preposition from a hole in the ground. If you’re my student, I’ll have you reading books you’ll enjoy.

Before becoming a teacher, I was a journalist, writing about topics as varied as capital punishment, the decline of the American doughnut, and the meaning of life. As a teacher and a
regular human being, I try to maintain a sense of humor and an upbeat attitude toward life.

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Соединенные Штаты
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English and Spanish instructor, journalist, editor and book publisher Academic credentials: B.A. degrees: English and Spanish (Coe College; Univ. of Barcelona), National Board Teaching Certification, English as a Second Language teaching certification
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